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Revised Travel Advisory for BALI issued on 02.12.2017 on website of CGI, Bali

According to the latest situation report in Bali, the Indonesian authorities have kept the alert level on Mount Agung at the highest level, i.e. Level IV, in view of the continuing tremors and high volcanic activity detected inside the volcano. 

They have further advised that this is a dynamic situation and the nature and extent of the Hazard Zone may be changed at any time.

Indian nationals already in Bali are advised to stay alert and keep abreast with the latest situation through their hotels, airlines and tour operators and avoid the Hazard Zone that has been declared dangerous by the authorities. They may ensure that their airlines have adequate back-up plans in place in case of an emergency. 

Those desirous of traveling to Bali are advised to defer non-essential travel in view of the continued uncertainty surrounding the volcano. The travelers, if they must travel, may also consider taking travel insurance for unforeseen situations such as flight cancellation or diversion etc. They should also carry enough funds to meet any exigencies that might arise.

In case of genuine emergency and distress, please contact the Consulate General of India, Bali at + 62 811 3976 388 or + 62 811 3867270 or tweet @cgibali. 

Consulate General of India
2nd December 2017