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Employment Visa

The Employment Visa is issued for a maximum period of one year or the term of contract, whichever is less, in order to enable the qualified professional / highly skilled personnel to work in India on remuneration of not less than US$ 25,000 (United States Dollars Twenty Five Thousand) per year at a senior level or specialized functions. The following documents are required for processing the request for this visa. Employment visa is extendable in India by the concerned FRRO. The following documents are required for processing the visa.

  1. All individual visa seekers are required to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and then click Regular Visa Application and select Mission: Indonesia – Bali

  2. Passport – it should have a minimum validity of six months and minimum 2 blank pages inside.

  3. Photographs – 2 latest colour, matt (not glossy), passport size photographs (4x4) depicting front page against white background are required (please do not wear white clothes).

  4. Hard copy (print out) of online registration visa application form

  5. Appointment Letter, in original, specifying the terms and conditions of employment, from the prospective employer in India including the pay structure, nature of job, period.

  6. Bio-data/CV/Resume (Qualification and work experience) of the applicant.

  7. Certificate of Registration of the Indian entity with the Registrar of Companies in India.

  8. Confirmed ticket

  9. A signed contract with a salary of at least ₹ 16.25 lakhs per annum.

  10. A letter from the Indian entity affirming the non-availability of local people in India to carry out the tasks that the visa applicant would perform. This should ideally be supported with advertisements from the Indian entity calling for applicants for such posts.

  11. An applicant, who has worked in India on an EV before for more than 6 (six) months, must produce the PAN card as well as proof of payment of income tax for their earlier duration of stay in India.

  12. It is mandatory for the applicant to register with the FRRO immediately on arrival in India and in any case within fourteen (14) days on arrival.

  13. Applicant should apply 10 working days in advance.

  14. Employment Visa application of NON-INDONESIAN (foreigners) who is not a resident of Indonesia requires original & photocopy of KITAS/ KITAP.

  15. Any other document, as deemed appropriate by the Consulate, for processing of the employment visa.

Clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India is required for applicants seeking employment visa to work offshore in oil fields. Clearance from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India is required for Pilots seeking to work in India, for renewal of their license.Non-Indonesian nationals are required to get Employment Visa from the country of their origin or from a country of permanent residence of more than two years. Employment visa is extendable in India by FRRO/Immigration Department, subject to security check, payment of tax and compliance with other registration formalities. Registration is mandatory immediately on arrival in India and in any case within fourteen (14) days on arrival. The complete address of the company where the applicant will be working in India should be mentioned clearly along with the period of employment.