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Consular Services Fee w.e.f April 01, 2024

1. Renunciation of Indian Citizenship (through online module of Ministry of Home Affairs)

The Government of India does NOT allow dual citizenship. Once attaining the foreign citizenship, every Indian national should apply for Renunciation of his/her Indian citizenship and Surrender of Indian Passport.


  1. Any Indian citizen can renounce his/her citizenship by making a declaration in the form XXII specified in rule 23 of The Citizenship Rules, 2009.

  2. Application for Renunciation should be applied online at the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) website: https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/Renounce

  3. The applicant should click on “Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship under Section 8 of the Act made by a Citizen of India who is also a Citizen or National of another country”.

  4. While filling the online application form, applicants will have to pay fees of INR 8,000/-and attach copy of fees receipt with application.

  5. MHA File Number would be generated automatically after the submission of online application and the same will be communicated to the applicant by e-mail. Applicant must keep note of it for tracking the status and refer this file number for any future correspondence.

  6. Complete step by step instructions for filling a fresh online application, modifying a partially filled online application, printing an application submitted online may be referred in website: https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in

  7. Applicant must take the print out of the online submitted application and submit the application to Consulate General of India, Bali in-person through appointment with following documents:

  • Print out of the online application form XXII.

  • Indian Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Letter of acquisition of Indonesian citizenship.

  • Proof of online payment of INR 8,000/- made on MHA website

  1. Once the application form is submitted online by the applicant, then no further modifications are allowed. Hence applicants are requested to carefully verify the details before submitting the online Application form.

  2. Processing time may vary from 70-80 days from the date of receiving the application.

  3. The decision of the competent authority on declaration of renunciation of Indian citizenship shall be conveyed to the applicant through e-mail and renunciation certificate will be collected at the Consulate. 

  4. Applicant may note the legal provision under section 8 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 which provides that where a person ceases to be a citizen of India on renunciation of citizenship under section 8 (1), every minor child of that person shall thereupon cease to be a citizen of India. However, such child may, within one year after attaining full age, can make a declaration in the prescribed form and manner that he wishes to resume Indian citizenship.

  5. A person who has ceased to be Indian Citizen is required to surrender the documents which he had acquired on the basis of his Indian citizenship (e.g. Voter Card etc.) to the authorities concerned.

Fees : INR 8000 (Online) + ICWF IDR 32,000  (Cash-only)

2. NOC for Indonesian Citizenship

  • Indian Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Requesting Letter to Indonesian Immigration/SKIM (original and copy).

  • Photo 2inch by 2inch one copy.

  • Miscellaneous form to be filled.

Fees : IDR 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

3. Birth Certificate based on Passport

  • Indian Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Photo 2inch by 2inch one copy.

  • Miscellaneous form to be filled at the Consulate.

Fees : IDR 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

4. Attestation of Bachelorhood Certificate (In Case of Marriage of Indian to Indonesian National)

  • Indian Passport original and copy.

  • Photo 2inch by 2inch (Two copies).

  • Applicant has to submit a Certificate of bachelorhood/single-status/eligibility to get married issued by competent court having jurisdiction of the area of the residential address of the applicant. This can be in the form of a declaratory order for which a suit has to be filed before the appropriate court for the specific purpose which is required to be counter-attested by the Home Department of the State concerned. Thereafter, it is to be attested/apostilled by the Attestation Section of the Consular, Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

Note:   After marriage, the couple may get attested their marriage certificate by Indonesia Foreign Office (Kemlu/Deplu) and further Attested by Indian Consulate so that their marriage is valid both in India and Indonesia.

Fees : IDR 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

5. NOC regarding issue of Passport from India in r/o a minor: (in case one of the parents is residing in India, applies for child’s passport)

  • Passport & KITAS/KITAP (original & copy) of the applicant.

  • Marriage Certificate.

  • Birth Certificate of the child.

  • Prescribed form to fill up for the parent in Indonesia.

As per new rule there is no need to attest the Affidavit by Posts.

Fees : IDR 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

6. Indian Passport /birth Registration for newly born baby (one of the spouse is other nationality)

A. Birth registration of Children eligible for Indian nationality

For a child born in Indonesia, to be registered as an Indian citizen, the application is to be made online. For detailed information, applicants are requested to visit the website of Ministry of Home Affairs at web link: https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in 

After filling-in the application online, the hard copy (printout) of the online application needs to be signed by the parents and the signed application form needs to be submitted at the Consular Section of Consulate of India along with other prescribed documents in original, a self-attested photocopy set of prescribed documents and the prescribed fee. For this service, applicants have to apply in Person only.

Procedure for submitting online application:

  1. Go to Ministry of Home Affairs website by typing in address of web browser https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/ 

  2. The applicant after accessing the abovementioned website shall select the option “Registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Mission under Section 4(1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955”

  3. Click 'Apply Online' button to fill up the form.

  4. Each online application form is meant for one person only. Separate application has to be filed for each case.

  5. The online form should be filled in Block/Capital letters.

  6. Furnish information exactly in the manner asked for in the forms, especially the names, address and date of birth as per entries in your passport.

  7. Applicants are required to verify the application details before submitting the online application.

  8. Once the online application form is submitted by the applicant, further modifications are not allowed. Hence applicants are requested to check and validate the details before submitting the online application form.

  9. After filing all the details in the online application form, the form is saved.

  10. As soon as the form is submitted, a MHA File number will be generated automatically and will appear on the screen as an acknowledgement. The applicants are advised to keep the MHA File Number for further correspondence and online status tracking.

  11. Applicants have to upload the prescribed supporting documents and then click the Print application tab from the main menu.

  12. After clicking on Print application tab from the main menu, the applicant has to enter his/her MHA File Number as an identity to access the submitted application. A PDF application form shall be displayed with an option of pasting applicant's recent passport size photograph. Recent passport size photograph of the applicant is to be affixed on each form in the prescribed space. Photograph to be affixed on the application should be of square shape of size 2 inch x 2 inch (with 80% coverage by face). It should have light colour background (not white) without border with front view of the child’s head and shoulders showing the full face in the middle of the photograph. It should not be stapled and should not have any signature. Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected and may cause a delay in processing the applications.

  13. The applicant shall take the print out of the application submitted. Parents are required to put their Signatures/Thumb Impressions (left for male and right for female) at the designated signature box. *A person who has not attained the age of 18 years is considered as minor. Parents / legal guardians of the child must sign in the column prescribed for them in the form.

  14. After submission of the application online, the applicants are required to submit hard copy of the online application form duly signed by the applicants in the space provided for signature and other supporting documents (as listed below) in original along with a self-attested photocopy set of the original documents at the Consular Counter of the Consulate General of India, Bali. The original documents shall be returned to the applicant immediately after verification at the Consular Section. Part II of the online application form contains a declaration form. On the basis of information filled up in Part I, system itself generates Part II. The parent whose name appears in Part II of the online application form is required to submit the application in person at the Consular Section of the Consulate and sign the declaration (in Part II of the online application form) before the Consular Officer at the Consulate.

Documents to be annexed with duly completed online application form:

  • Declaration Form dully filled in and signed by the parents.

  • Passport of both the parents:

  • In case of Indian Passport Holders: Valid passport in original of both parents and self-attested copies of first two and last two pages of the passport and the page (s) containing passport officer’s observation (s) (if any).

  • In case one of the Parents holds Foreign Passport: Valid passport in original and self-attested copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars of the passport holder.

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate issued by competent Authority of Indonesia.

  • Certificate of Indian citizenship of parent (s) if the Indian parent (s) has/have acquired Indian citizenship by registration/naturalization.

  • Marriage Certificate of the parents.

  • Proof of Residence: Copy of KITAS/KITAP.

* If the application is made within one year of birth of child as per above-mentioned process and subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria as per Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines, the Consulate shall register the birth of the child as an Indian citizen and issue the Birth Registration Certificate. In cases, where applications are made after one year of birth of child, the process is same. However, in such cases, a notarized affidavit or an affidavit executed before the Consular Officer of the Consulate from the parents stating the reason (s) for not registering the birth within one year of birth of the child, is also required to be submitted.

Fees : IDR. 800,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only) - for passport and
IDR. 320,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only) – for Birth Registration certificate

Please Note:

Name of the father and the mother entered in the Birth Certificate of the child should match with the names appearing in their passports. In case of any discrepancy/some difference in names, an observation in this regard is required to be made from the concerned Birth Registrar’s office.

The documents (as specified in Para 4& 5 above and as applicable in individual cases) are mandatory requirements. The applicant (s) may be advised to submit some more documents, after scrutiny of the application and documents at the Consular Section, on case-to-case basis.

Applicants are advised to check that all fields in the online application form are filled in and prescribed documents are uploaded in conformity with instructions contained in the website of Ministry of Home Affairs at web link: https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in . In case any deficiency is noticed by the Consulate in online application form and uploading of documents, the applicants would be required to fill up new application form rectifying the deficiency and submit the same.

B. After online registration of Birth, you can apply Passport for the minor on the link: https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ and submit printout of the passport application along with self-attested copies of following documents and with originals:

  • Marriage Certificate.

  • Both Parents Passport original and copy.

  • One of The Parent’s KITAS/KITAP.

  • Baby’s Birth Certificate from the Hospital and from the Local Government (both required).

  • Baby’s Photo 2 inch x 2 inch, two copies with white background with contrast dress.

  • Self-Affidavit from the Parents certifying that they have not applied for any other Passport.

7. Attestation of documents 

The Consulate attests copies of original documents submitted to it without certifying authenticity of contents. Certificates issued in India are required to be duly Attested/Apostilled by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Ref: http://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm and https://esanad.nic.in ) prior to their presentation for attestation by the Consulate. Documents such as documents pertaining to sale, purchase, power of attorney, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc. of real estate or moveable properties or issue of a document by a Consular Officer pertaining to such matters can be attested.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Only Commercial/official/documents from the business houses can be attested by an authorized representative. Original document and copy.

  • Indian Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Duly filled Miscellaneous Form.

  • Photo 2inch by 2inch one copy.

Applicants requiring attestation on foreign documents are required to be attested first by all of the following authorities before submission for attestation.

  1. A Notary Public.

  2. Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia (KEMLU).

Document in Bahasa Indonesia should be supported with the Official Translation.

Fee: 160,000 For true copy per Document

8. Attestation of civil documents (affidavits, educational degree, sponsorship certificates, marriage certificates, wills, Power of Attorney etc. issued by India only

Fee: IDR. 320,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

9. Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate ‘country of origin etc.’ pertaining to exports from foreign country to India

Fee: IDR. 800,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

10. Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate pertaining to exports from India to a foreign country

Fee: IDR. 320,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

11. Power of Attorney

  • Two copies of Power of Attorney.

  • Passport/OCI original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Duly filled Miscellaneous Form .

  • One photo of each of the executant.

Presence of Applicant who is signing the Power of Attorney is compulsory and sign in front of Consular Officer.

There should not be other signatures (witnesses, notary etc.) except the person/persons signing the power of attorney who is/are present.

Fee: IDR. 320,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

12. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  • Form to be filled online https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ and submit the printed copy at the Consular Counter.

  • Police Record from Local Government.

  • Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • A letter from the Company where applicant is working stating that there is nothing adverse or otherwise against the applicant.

  • Photo 2inch by 2inch one copy.


It has been decided that PCC will only be issued after receipt of fresh Police verification. Applicants are advised to apply well ahead of time as PCC would be issued only after due Police verification.

Fee: IDR. 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

13. Registration of Death and issuing of Certificate

  • Original Passport for cancellation and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Duly filled Miscellaneous Form.

  • Duly filled Death Notification Form.

  • Death Certificate from Local Authorities (Hospital or Crematoriums) clearly mentioning the cause of death.

  • Passport and KITAS original and copy, of the informant.

  • Police Report original and copy, if death is not natural.

Fee: IDR. 320,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

For Carrying Ashes to India

  • Death Certificate original and copy.

  • Applicant’s Passport/OCI card original and copy.

Fee : Gratis

14. NRI Certificate in R/O of the child for the parents working in Indonesia

  • Sponsor Letter from the company certifying how long he/she has been working.

  • The Child Birth Certificate or Passport copy.

  • Marriage Certificate.

  • Parent’s passport original and copy

  • Affidavit from the Parent who is working in Indonesia.

Fee: IDR. 400,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

15. Certificate of Identity

  • Passport original and copy.

  • KITAS/KITAP original and copy.

  • Any other ID like Election Card/ Aadhaar etc.

Fee: IDR. 800,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

16. Emergency Certificate

An Emergency Certificate (one-way travel document), which authorizes an Indian citizen to enter India, is issued to individuals who have lost their passports or their passports have been stolen or damaged and to whom new passports cannot be issued without approval from India. This document is issued primarily with the objective of ensuring the applicant's return to India in an emergency. Applicants should fill in online application form as prescribed for the issue of a new passport and come for a personal interview.

Documents to be attached:

  • To Fill online application form please click this link  https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ . Please select Mission: Indonesia - Bali.

  • 4 photographs, matte (not glossy), passport size photographs depicting front pose with white background are required.

  • Original police report and copy

  • Air ticket

  • Letter from jail in case imprisonment for overstay / immigration for deportation.

Fee: IDR. 240,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

17. Solemnizing a Marriage

A Consular Officer solemnizing a marriage, registration of a marriage certificate and a certified copy of the entry (all).

Fee: IDR. 800,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

18. Merchant Shipping

A. Attestation of documents pertaining to sale, purchase, mortgage, transfer of vessel or transfer of one's interest in merchant vessel.

Fee: IDR. 800,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

B. Attestation of documents of issue of certificates to a sailor as per Chapter IX of the Consular Manual on ‘Merchant Shipping’ (individual sailor being applicant for his individual use).

Fee: IDR. 160,000 + ICWF IDR 32,000 (Cash-only)

19. Other Services

A. For administration or distribution, or both of the property situated in country, of the Consular Officer’s residence, of an Indian citizen or any other person, not being a seaman, dying intestate, or if not intestate, when undertaking in the absence of legally competent representative of the deceased in country of his death or a request of legal heirs of deceased living in India as the case may be.

Fee: 4.160.000 or 2.5 per cent of estimated value of the property/ estate, whichever is more

B. If such property is in country of concurrent accreditation of a Consular Officer.

Fee: 16,480,000 or 2.5 per cent of estimated value of the property, whichever is more

C. Issue of succession certificate as laid down in the Consular Manual.

Fee: 2.5 per cent of estimated value of the estate or property + ICWF IDR 31.000 (Cash-only)

20. Services requiring visits or attendance of a Consular Officer on request of an applicant away from chancery

Fee: Officer’s travelling allowance and daily allowance plus IDR 1.596.500 for each visit plus consular fees for service required + ICWF IDR 31.000

21. Attestation of pension papers, life certificate etc. pertaining to pensioners / for affixing Consular Officer’s signature and seal, if required, for declarations of pay or pension

  • Duly filled Miscellaneous Form.

  • Self-attested photocopies of the passport pages containing personal particulars of the passport holder.

  • A passport size photograph.

  • Proof of current residence address.

  • KITAS/ KITAP in original and If you do not have Life Certificate form please download here:

  • Pensioner

  • Non-pensioner

Fee: Gratis