About Us Conference Visa

Conference Visa is issued for the participation in international conferences/seminars/workshops/meetings/symposia being organized by Government bodies, International organizations, public sector units and NGOs in India. The application for this visa should be cleared by relevant Ministries

  1. All individual visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link by typing the URL http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and then click: Regular Visa Application and select Mission: Indonesia – Bali

  2. Passport – it should have a minimum validity of six months and minimum 2 blank pages inside.

  3. Photographs – 2 latest colour, matt (not glossy), passport size photographs (4x4) depicting front page against white background are required (please do not wear white clothes).

  4. Hard copy (print out) of online registration visa application form

  5. Administrative approval from nodal Ministry/ Department

  6. Clearance from Central/concerned State Government

  7. Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Coordination Division

  8. Event clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and security clearance wherever required and accompanied by the following documents :

  • A letter of invitation from the Indian organizer of the conference.

  • A letter of recommendation from the institution in Indonesia with whom the applicant is affiliated.

  • Confirmed return ticket or print out of the confirmed to and fro journey.

It is the responsibility of organizers to obtain clearances through the nodal ministries from MHA and MEA before sending invitation to foreign participants. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance and ensure that the organizers have obtained necessary approval from Government of India.