About Us Advisory for Visitors to Indonesia

Consulate General of India



1.  e-Visa services for Indonesian nationals has been restored. Please visit at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ to avail the e-Visa services.

2. While travelling please make sure the validity of your passport should be more than six months and it should not be damaged. Please keep your passport in safe custody during your visit to Bali.

3. Don’t carry large sums of cash or valuables in public. Use a hotel safe wherever possible.  Take care of your mobile phone, purse etc. in touristic areas in Bali.

4. Please carry international driving licence if you want to drive the vehicle during your visit to Bali with proper travel/medical insurance as medical facility are very expensive in Indonesia. While driving the vehicles (two-wheeler) please wear the proper helmet and follow local rules and regulations to avoid any accident or any inconvenience.

5. Take extra precautions during swimming, participating in water sports in beaches and while taking photos/selfie at a cliff as warning signs of the danger may not be there.