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International SME Convention 2019 to be held in New Delhi from 27th - 29th June, 2019

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The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is planning to organize theSecond Edition of International SME Convention 2019 to be held in New Delhi from27th - 29th June, 2019 in association with Italy & South Korea as the partnercountries, UNIDO, UNDP & ILO as Institutional partners and the India SME Forum.

2. The Convention is planned as a platform for intensive business discussions andinteractions on the Indian Market opportunity, between progressive entrepreneursfrom all over the world and aims to foster business partnerships and tradeopportunities for India's small and medium enterprises.

3. Innovative SMEs across key Sectors, heads and experts from international trade are being invited to register to attend. Those invited for the Convention include :
? 350 + International Entrepreneurs from 95 countries
? Selected 1000 Indian Entrepreneur delegates from among sustainable and growing businesses from all over India
? Selected 7000 Business Owners as B2B visitors from the National Capital Region.

4. Interested parties may please visit http://internationalsmeconvention.com/ and see the Program Brochure.

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