About Us Internship

The Consulate General of India in Bali (Indonesia) invites applications from interested students and scholars for Internship at the Consulate.

The Intern will be required to produce well-written article or a paper after the end of the term (in this case three months).

The paper shall be written under the guidance of Consulate officers on a topic decided by mutual consent between the candidate and Consulate Officer.

There is no last date for application, but it is done on first come first serve basis
Total Internship vacancies
: Two


The Applicant should be Indonesian citizen
Age: The Applicant should be not less than 15 and more than 35 years of age
He/she should be either a student or scholar enrolled in a major University
Must possess a keen interest in pursuing research and writing

How to apply

Application should generally include a covering letter to the Consulate General of India, Bali (Indonesia) and accompanied with a bio-data.
Application can also be made through E-Mail on the following E-Mail addresses : secy@cgibali.in & info@cgibali.in

The term for Internship will generally be 3 months from the date of joining and in no condition shall be extended beyond another 3 months.

The candidate shall be given an office.
He/she will have access to an array of online research database and International journals.
He/she shall be required to produce a paper or an article (approved by) the Consulate at the end of his/her tenure.
At the end of the term he/she shall be awarded Internship Completion Certificate by the Consul General of India.
Please Note, this Internship programme does not carry any monetary benefits and no emolument shall be paid to the Intern.
All materials including paper, printing facility, office space, computer and stationery shall be provided by the Consulate.