About Us Passport for Minor

Every child should have a separate passport. The applicant should complete the formalities as applicable for the issue of a new passport as mentioned earlier.

Following are the requirements for issuance of passport for a minor/new born baby:

  1. All individual passport seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Passport

through online application link by typing the URL http://passport.gov.in/nri/ and then click: Online Registration Form and select Mission: Indonesia – Bali

  1. Duly completed print out of online application form.

  1. The form is to be signed by both the parents in para 28 on page 4. In case one of the parent is not resident in Indonesia, such parent has to give the consent in the prescribed form available at the Embassy, duly attested, for issuance of passport to the minor.

  1. The minor has to put his/her signature or thumb impression in the space provided for signatures. (in first page/ last page for 2 specimen signatures)

  1. Four latest colour photographs (4x4 cm) of the minor are to be attached with the application.

  1. Photocopy of the passports of the child and of both the parents along with the original.

  1. Copies of KITAS/KITAB in respect of the child and both parents including first two pages and last two pages showing address.

  1. In case either of the parent is not resident in Indonesia, the photocopy of the passport should be attested by the Indian Embassy/High Commission/ Consulate, where such a parent resides.

  1. Original and a photocopy of the birth certificate of the minor.

  1. In case of new born baby, a birth certificate is also issued in favour of the baby. For that purpose, a Birth Notification Form (Annexure-C) is to be filled up by the father/mother. Fee for Birth Registration is Rp 365,000

  1. Fee: See Passport fees (http://cgibali.in/eoi.php?id=P-fee)

The validity of such a passport (for children under 18 years) will be for 5 years only.

Along with copies, all the documents should be brought in original which will be returned after verification.