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The Consular Wing of the Consulate General of India, Bali (Indonesia) may be contacted for the following services:

• Visa services for holders of Diplomatic, Official and UN passports accompanied by Note Verbale

• All services relating to Indian passports

• All services relating to OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) Cards

• All services relating to Emergency Certificates and Identity Certificates

• Police Clearance Certificates

• Registration and issue of Birth and Death Certificates

• Registration of marriages

• Attestation of documents – Indian and Foreign

• Applications for the above mentioned as well as other miscellaneous services can be submitted at the Consulate between 09:00 hrs to 11:00 hrs on all working days.

Important Notices :

Import of Pets to India - On re-examination of the present policy on import of pets to India, Government of India has decided to allow import of two pet animals as baggage only to persons transferring their residence to India after two years of continuous stay abroad, subject to production of the required health certificate from the country of origin and examination of said pets by the concerned Quarantine Officer in India.

Ban on Carrying Satellite Phones: Visa applicants are advised not to illegally carry / use Thuraya Satphones or other such satellite phones in India.

Issuance of Machine Readable Passport: Applicants for Indian passports may kindly note that all passport applications received in this Consulate will be processed for issuance of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs). As MRPs are processed centrally in New Delhi, there will be a time lag of 4 to 6 weeks between submission of application and delivery of the new passport.

Legal & Financial Assistance to Indian Women: Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), Government of India, provides legal and financial assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian spouses. For details, click on the following link: Legal and Financial Assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian spouses (http://moia.gov.in/services.aspx?id1=55&id=m9&idp=52&mainid=23)

On-line Registration of Indians & OCIs: All Indians residing in the islands of Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Papua, Maluku, East & South Kalimantan are encouraged to register themselves with the Consulate by using the link: Register with Us.

Welfare Schemes by MOIA for Indians & OCIs: All Indians as well as Overseas Citizenships of India (OCIs) may like to visit the website of Ministry of Overseas Indians at www.moia.gov.in to keep themselves abreast of the latest news.

Passport Rules & Forms: Please visit passport.gov.in. All the forms from this site are acceptable in the Consulate General of India, Bali (Indonesia).

Note: Links to external websites given herein are for the sake of convenience and believed to be authentic. However, this Consulate takes no responsibility for their contents.

Fee: Rates of fee may change any time. Fees are payable only in cash in Indonesian Rupiah.

Important Note: Acceptance of application and the prescribed fee for a service is for processing the application and does not amount to any commitment to provide the service requested for. The fee received/collected is non-refundable as it is towards processing of the application and not necessarily for providing the service.

Consular Officer may demand additional requirements than those listed herein.

For seeking information on consular/passport matters which are not covered hereunder, members of public should send e-mail inquiries to cons.bali@mea.gov.in

Personal interviews by the Consular Officer with applicants, though not insisted in all cases, may be required in some cases.

Barring holidays and weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), applications are received at the Consular Section of the Consulate from 09:00 hrs to 11:00 hrs.

Processed documents are ready for collection from 16:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. on the pick-up date printed in the receipt issued at the time of applying .

If the printed pick-up date falls on a holiday, then the delivery is on a subsequent working day.

The processed documents may also be collected, one or two days after the due date, if so desired by the applicant, but always on a working day during 16:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs.